psyluv and me

Hi! Well, I guess if you are looking at this is because you want to know who I am… and I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you! I am – like everyone else – the sum of my past and present experiences and, of course, a few stubborn genes. But I’m also my future experiences and, for this reason, I would say I am mostly “in the making”.

What about if I tell you what I like and what love? Will that do?

Ok then, I like… a good book – fact or fiction, it does’t really matter as long as I learn something from it (and I have a very broad definition of what is learning). I like… a good film – and I must say I have preference for those who touch upon the topic of Time, from Back to the Future to the Time Traveller’s Wife. I like… the sea and the sun, much more than I like the country side and the snow. And I like a good talk with interesting people – and another day I will tell you what I mean by that.

What about what I love? That’s easy: I love my wife, my daughter and I love us three. I’m a Portuguese guy, married to a Spanish girl and, if I’m not careful enough, I’ll be raising a Belgian daughter. For the moment we leave in Brussels, Belgium, these days world know for chocolates, beer and terrorists.

For me, however, there is something in between Like and Love and that’s Luv. Luv I reserve for those things I really, really like, but I don’t have yet the courage (or don’t want) to say “I love”. You probably know what I mean: remember that feeling you have when something inside tells you that that person is special? I’m talking about the real first sensations that you manage to keep just below the conscious surface by forcing yourself to think about something else… Ok, don’t get scared, because my luv – luckly! – is not a person, but a way of looking at the world. My luv is Psychology!

I will not go into further details here. That’s, in the end, why I started this blog: to build my self a place where my thoughts and my feelings can slowly start to surface. So, go ahead and read it!

I hope you enjoy! And if not, it’s still ok as this is something mostly between me and my luv.


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